Friday, June 23, 2006

Top 5 Google 'Intellectual Property China' Search

If you type 'intellectual property china' in Google you'll find:

2. A practical guide for US companies
3. An old site of Steven Suranovic that wants to serve as a portal, but has links to advertisments to holiday destinations
4. Ben Worthen's article on CIO blogs about IP: China's three realities.
5. IP Menu which is a list of relevant links.

Worthen (nr. 4) wrote a readable and first hand experienced article that contends that if you talk about China, you have to distinguish between the government, the business community and the people. This may equals kicking in an open door, but it's sometimes good to realise these facts in the same vain as the distinguisment between the urban thriving China and the dirt poor countryside China.

Hope some day you will find IP Dragon in this region of Google using these search words.

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