Friday, July 28, 2006

MPA's China Raids Don't Yield Any Disc Burners Nor Arrests

The Motion Picture Association has finished an Asia-wide campaign against movie piracy.

  • China: 405 raids; 1,961, 255 pirated optical discs seized
  • Hong Kong: 119 raids; 90 DVD-R burners seized; 56 people arrested
  • Taiwan: 483 optical disc burners seized; 369,117 pirated optical discs seized; 97 people arrested.

Remarkable is that in China no disc burners were seized, nor any arrest. How is that possible?

There were also raids in India, Indonesia, Malysia and Thailand.

Read the press release of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) here.

The name Operation Red Card may be inspired on the fiercest disciplinary sanction of the game of soccer.

However, hopefully those infringers that receive 'red cards' will not become 'supercool' as the French call their Zizou after the dramatic World Cup finale. Then again if they are, they should be casted as actors.

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