Monday, July 31, 2006

Quoting US ITA's Lavin On China: Yin and Yang Emphasised

Today, the People's Daily Online put the optimistic title 'IPR Moves Impress US Official' above an article about a visit of US Under Secretary for International Trade Franklin L. Lavin to China.

"Referring to counterfeiting in China, Lavin told reporters in the motor shop on Saturday that the Chinese Government is taking many effective measures on intellectual property rights (IPR) this year and "we are working closely" to resolve the issue. " Read here.

It's clear that the People's Daily Online article emphasises the yang-side. So for balance one should read the article by Bill Savadove for the South China Morning Post and published on the site of Asia Media, of the UCLA Asia Institute, that emphasises the yin-side

""We are looking at possible WTO cases beyond a niche area," US Undersecretary for International Trade Franklin Lavin told a news conference in Shanghai. "Our attorneys are increasingly convinced that China is in violation, but we've got to have an evidentiary basis that ensures we're going to win the case."" Read here.

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