Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who cloned who: iPhone versus P168

According to Newlaunces Apple's iPhone has "inspired" many rip-offs. Read and see an alleged Chinese clone called P168 at Newlaunches here. Until there is more proof one cannot exclude the possibility that the iPhone is a P168 clone.

Update: Sir CH, of the French site Mobimania informed me about a Phonedaily article about the P168, which tells the extras one is getting with this phone: a bundled mah-jong game, dual SIM-card slots so you can use two networks. The SIM-cards are in simplified Chinese, so they are made for the mainland. The stamp inside the Operating System is according to CH very reminiscent of the mainland official stamps. But is it real?

UPDATE II (June 18, 2007): Video of the first iPhone "rip-off", see it at the site of here.

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