Tuesday, May 29, 2007

IP in China: Tight Rope Dancing Act

(Picture taken in South Korea by S. Straub)

Xiao Liang, researcher with the Institute of World Economics and
Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, urges to balance all interests when dealing with the issue of IPR protection:

"1. The relationship between securing national interests and fulfilling international obligations. This means they should strike a balance between protecting sovereignty and being a responsible stakeholder.
A country's IPR protection can only be as good as a its economic and social development. The subjects and focus of such protection change in different stages of development. No one should take a country's economic and social development out of the equation when talking about IPR protection.
2. The relationship between IPR protection (monopoly) and market competition. We should balance the promotion of creativity and competitiveness.
3. The relationship between IPR protection (monopoly) and the public interest. This refers to the need to balance the interests of IPR owners and that of society as a whole. We should oppose both the violation of IPR and violation of the public interest by abusing IPR."

Read more of Xiao's article for the China Daily (via People's Daily Online) about the second round of China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue here.

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