Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How to work within China's IPR enforcement system for trademark and design rights

Protection and enforcement of intellectual property in China is of crucial importance to a growing number of companies worldwide, including those in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). This fact is acknowledged by the quarterly Benelux Merken- en Modellen Bulletin, a renowned magazine about Trademarks and Design Rights in the Benelux. Their first number of 2007 (33rd year, number 113) is a China special with the theme 'Trademark Rights in China'.

The contents are:

Counterfeiting: The global challenge for trade mark enforcement & the key role of China
Richard Heath (Unilever PLC London)

Effective intellectual property enforcement in China
Elliot Papageorgiou (Rouse Legal, London; Rouse & Co. International, Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou) & Chris Bailey (Rouse & Co. International, Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou)

How to work within China's IPR enforcement system for trade mark and design rights (pdf) Danny Friedmann (editor IP Dragon)

Merkbescherming in China essentieel (Trademark protection in China essential in Dutch)
Marlous Stal-Hilders (Nederlands Octrooibureau; editor BMM Bulletin)

Landlord Liability in China - New strategies for anti-counterfeiting
Joseph Simone (Partner Baker & McKenzie, China)

Jurisprudence about:
Prada/Beijing Market
Beijing Silk street/Louis Vuitton Malletier
Silk Street Fashion Market Co. Ltd. v. Chaoyang Administration for Industry and Commerce

Plus European en Benelux jurisprudence for which Benelux Merken- en Modellenrecht Bulletin is well known.

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