Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Imported Fish Coming From Everywhere But Norway Labeled Norwegian Fish in China

Norway, has a problem exporting fish to China. Not because this Nordic country nosedived in the Environmental Performance Index 2006 from the second best ranking in the world in 2005 to 18th position, because of severe overfishing. And not because Norway undermines a ban on whaling. No, the problem is that fish coming from all corners of the earth are labeled Norwegian in China. So what is the point of importing fish from Norway?

Kong Wei, company vice president of Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilites says that is why there is little profit in importing genuine, expensive Norwegian fish.

Kong said that consumers do not manage to tast the difference between real and counterfeit Norwegian fish (consumers in China, allegedly have the same problem with whisky, see here)

To call fish caught by Norwegian fishermen 'Norwegian Fish' might in some instances a misnomer, because Norwegian fishermen fish in many seas and oceans outside the territorial waters of Norway.

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