Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ohio Senator Says The Darndest Things About IP Enforcement And Introduced Section 522

"I think it's extremely important to let the world know, that we have a group of people that gets up early in the morning and goes to bed late at night that are enforcing our intellectual property right laws." Sounds very deterrent indeed. See a video of Mr. Voinovich saying these darndest things here.

However, Mr. Voinovich did do something more substantive. As a reaction to counterfeit and pirated goods originating from China, senators Georg Voinovich (Republican-Ohio) and Evan Bayh (Democrats-Indiana) have introduced S. 522, the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Act, which is designed to expand upon and improve the existing IP coordination and enforcement efforts.

In addition, the bipartisan bill Section 522 initiates an approach to international IP enforcement that would have the United States set standards and partner with like-minded countries ("because they [the countries of the world] also are having their best ideals stolen", Voinovich probably means the expressions of their ideas, because it is not illegal to copy ideas, unless the idea is a trade secret) resembling the US government’s effort to police money laundering and other black-market crimes.

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