Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Netfilm.cn Is Making a Clean Sweep in Guangzhou Netcafes

China Tech News reports about Netfilm.cn, a big copyright holder who filed a lawsuit against 379 netcafes in Guangzhou for alleged infringing of copyrights by downloading online videos.

Netfilm.cn is taking online copyright infringement pretty serious and their approach is quite ambitious:

"[They] sent a team of 26 lawyers and notaries to investigate the films shown in netcafes in Guangzhou and they found out that up to 40% of more than 500 netcafes were using pirated films."

"The representative says that Guangzhou is their first stop on the rights protection train and they would try to complete the campaign by mid-July when they will start similar actions in other smaller southern Chinese cities."

Read the China Tech News article here.

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