Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cartoon Sanmao Will Be Adapted Into Real Life Actors Film

Joel Martinsen of Danwei has a fine interview with the right holder of the copyright of cartoon hero Sanmao (三毛) which means literally three hairs, characteristic for the cartoon protagonist. The article implicitly illustrates some of the aspects of a copyright:

The right holder chose to give his permission to adapt the cartoon in a movie. In this case he insisted that it is going to be a real life actors film and that it would be a co-production with a Chinese production company. (Article 10 (14) Copyright Law: the right of adaptation, that is, the right to change a work to create a new work of originality);

The right holder authorised the filmmakers to make some changes, not too much, because the character of Sanmao may not be damaged. (Article 10 (3) Copyright Law: The right of alteration, that is, the right to alter or authorize others to alter one's work);

The right holder protects the Chinese character Sanmao, based on his right of integrity. (Article 10 (4) Copyright Law: the right of integrity, that is, the right to protect one's work against distortion and mutilation).
Read the Danwei interview here.

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