Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BSA Software Piracy Study: China 80 Percent; Ranks 24th Highest

Business Software Allicance (BSA) publishes its 2008 study of software piracy: May 2009, Sixth Annual BSA-IDG Software 08 Piracy Study.

With 80 percent, China came in on the 24th position of the countries with the highest software piracy, causing a loss of 6,677 billion US dollar in 2008 (6,664 billion US dollar loss in 2007):  

"China’s piracy rate has dropped 10 points since 2004, a result of more vigorous enforcement and education as well as vendor legalization programs andagreements with original equipment manufacturers(OEMs) and resellers. The government, for instance, has mandated that PC OEMs only ship PCs with legitimate operating systems."

"In China, the break up of a massive counterfeiting ring in late 2007 and the subsequent trials in 2008 set a stern anti-piracy tone for the year. Also during 2008, BSA sent out 53,000 “notice and takedown” letters to Chinese Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in an effort to counter Internet piracy. The government conducted enterprise end-user raids in numerous regions, including Jinlin, Hainan, Shanxi, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Wuhan, Shenyang, and Qingdao. The Chinese government also continued its efforts to ensure legal use of software in government agencies and stateowned enterprises."

Percentage software piracy People's Republic of China
2008 80 percent 
2007 82 percent
2006 82 percent
2005 86 percent
2004 90 percent

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