Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Old Days of Counterfeiting in Hong Kong?

Adrian Burden of No to Fakes interviewed Sarah McCartney, the writer of the book Fake Factor.

Sarah McCartney: "A couple of decades ago people could only buy fakes if they went abroad for them. Part of the fun of visiting Hong Kong was coming back with a fake luxury watch that you'd got by going to a secret backstreet shop with a man who whispered at you in the street as you explored the market stalls. You'd fool your friends, then explain how you could tell the difference, adding a bit of insider knowledge to your illicit purchase. It was about being daring and exotic and had a bit of James Bond glamour to it."

Well, although this depiction of the counterfeit products purchasing of yesteryear is a bit too romantic, I agree with that counterfeiting has expanded enourmously. And these days one can hardly tell the difference between genuine and fake products.

Read the interview here.

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