Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News From The Front Lines

Guest article and picture by Mikołaj Rogowski

Writing that the all-front global IPR war between the owners and the infringers is well underway might sound a bit of a truism so I will simply skip to the notable news from the trenches.

Chinese government owned China Daily and Taiwanese China Post both have some worth reading articles regarding details of the Beijing No 1 Intermediate People's Courts recent decision. The amount of +67000 dollars of compensation is by no means a substantial sum for a corporate giant of Microsoft’s size but it’s more than sure that it will be a motivation for the likes of Strongwel to make sure that no one under their roof is selling computers with illegal software.

Remember how some of the commentators used to mention that a time will come when the entire trend of litigation against Chinese based entities will turn against some weiguo firms? The time is now, it seems : China Post reports that Wall Mart and Best Buy have been sued in US court, by a Chinese company on the grounds of patent infringement. The article has some interesting data regarding the number of Chinese patent applications.

Final piece of news: not surprisingly my previous post on the topic of the health reform in china and what it means for the “western” medical companies is not the only material that focuses on the opportunities and threats that come with this Chinese reform. Go to Reuters. Once again, some very interesting numbers are attached.

This is the third guest contribution of Mikołaj Rogowski, law student at Jagiellonian University, author of several IP articles and Polish-English translations, specializes in Polish, European, Chinese and American IP law, China assistant to MEP Jan Olbrycht. His first guest contribution can be found here, second here.

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