Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iPhoney: "This Is Different, It Is Fake!"

Nice CCTV 2 news item: Apple is coming with a second generation iPhone in July for 199 US dollar. But Chinese counterfeiters sell the 2G iPhone already for less than 100 US dollar.

Listen to the excited voice-over, read the subtitles and see a surprised customer:

"How comes it is so much cheaper?"
"This is different, it is fake!"

Footage found, captured, translated and subtitled by, a video production company in Taiwan.


Josh said...

That's a hilarious video. Thanks for posting it. One of my most uncomfortable moments in China was trying to buy a cell phone. The sheer volume of options and blatant hawking of fakes made it difficult to make a good decision.

IP Dragon said...

Hi Josh,

You are welcome, thanks for your reaction. Could you give an impression of the intellectual property rights infringements in Xinjiang compared to other provinces that you have visited?