Friday, April 22, 2011

Double Dragon Head: Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Photo Mountain
Warren states, Shanghai Museum
Some rights reserved
Double headed dragon,
looking backward
looking forward
Looking backward:

星期一 Another mass anti-IP infringement campaign with a fancy name, here.
星期二 Oxford University professor about brandscape in China patient, but everything can go wrong, here. Some illustrations of the things that go wrong in Hong Kong, Micky copyright piracy, here and Polo/Burberry clone here.
星期三 Hangover from counterfeit liquor and wine, here.
星期四 IP Bank in Taiwan and China here, Shanghai Disneyland Shrouded in Secrecy, here.
星期五 Pfizer Is Moving R&D to China After History of IP Challenges here, Judicial interpretation for contributory liability is getting drafted here, TGIF: Magical-realist authorises publication in China here.

Looking forward:

IP Dragon Weekend Edition
星期六 If you love the Party, don't buy counterfeit communist books.
星期日 For the Sunday: Chinese counterfeit products "desecrate" the Vatican.

The Week Ahead (April 25-29)

星期一 Optimist/Negative Views Indigenous Innovation.
星期二 April 26th, China Cares About World IP Day, Does It Care About IP Enforcement Too?; Mobile Phonies.
星期三 "Clever, charming and charismatic man": biggest UK counterfeit importer from China; Too soft on software piracy? 
星期四 Ford Trade Secret Infringer Sentenced.
星期五 China's TV Format Business Starting To Respect IP?; Tiffany sues Four Chinese jewellery sellers for counterfeiting.

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