Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Local Selection: 95.6 mln RMB question, Hebei good/bad/ugly, new BMW product?, Taiwan Straits IP Centre, Nanning achievements, Starve Cancer to Death Medicine

Some local news items of China Intellectual Property 中國知識產權,,,, and China Quality Daily were presented in one article by China Daily about the following locations: Beijing, Hebei, Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong.

The 95.6 million Renminbi question
The first item is about subsidies given to 600 companies in Beijing's technology hub Zhongguancun in the last four years. For every patent granted high tech companies received 5,000 Renminbi. The total amount of the subsidies in the last four years was 95.6 million Renminbi. The 95.6 million Renminbi question is of course, were the subsidies WTO compliant?

The good, the bad and the ugly in Hebei
The good: an eco-friendly farmer-entrepreneur who is considered a model inventor.
The bad: "Former wine deputy manager Wang Chunping was sentenced to life imprisonment and forfeited all personal property after he was convicted of making and selling fake wine in Qinhuangdao, capital of the northern province." However, Qinhuangdao (2.8 million + people) is a port city but not the capital. Shijiazhuang (10 million+ people) is the capital of Hebei province. Five of Wang's associates were sentenced to prison terms ranging from seven to 15 years.
The ugly: From 1998 onwards Wang and his employees added ingredients including water, sugar, alcohol and yeast to pulp and grape skin left over from the actual winemaking process. Wang was doing a quality fade out on his own product.

BMW new eco-friendly product?
The Fujian item was that the Xiamen (why spelled as Xiaman?) customs has seized 3,716 pairs of counterfeited shoes carried 19 well-known brands, including Nike, Adidas, Li-Ning, Dior, BMW. Did BMW really branch-out into this eco-friendly and safe mode of transport, or did they co-brand just like Ferrari with Puma? Please let me know if you know more about Beamster shoes.

A centre for cross-Taiwan Straits intellectual property exchanges was inaugurated at Xiamen University and will be part of the Fujian Intellectual Property Office (part of SIPO). 

Exhibition of IP achievements in Nanning
Nanning (capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) "Law enforcement officers said the copycat products were seized in Nanning's wholesale market, ready to be shipped and sold in small shops in the countryside."

Starve cancer to death injection  
The Zhongshan University, in Guangzhou, (capital of Guangdong province) has developed a medicine that "cut[s] off the nutrient supply and metabolic channels of cancer cells to kill tumors," according to Professor Huang Wenlin, leader of the project. The new anticancer drugs injection of recombinant human endostatin adenovirus, recently completed phase II clinical trials in 11 hospitals. The medicine is protected by independent intellectual property rights in China. 
Besides, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy cancer treatment this new approach is described as low-cost and its efficacy promising.

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