Friday, January 06, 2012

China's NCA: Authorized Copyrighted Works on Video Sharing Sites Average 76 Percent

"China's National Copyright Administration (NCA) recently announced that on average, only 76 percent of the movies and TV series on the country's 18 major video-sharingwebsites are authorized copyrighted works",  wrote Lu Yanxia of Beijing Daily, edited and translated by Yao Chun of People's Daily Online here.

The top 5 most popular video sites in China are, according to Alexa
1. Youku
2. Tudou

Video sharing sites Xunlei, VeryCD, and Baidu video have not submitted the list of copyrighted movies and tv series they share to NCA. So the percentage might go up or down.

I think this percentage is too low. This problem is not limited to China. I think the enforcement system for online copyrighted works is in need for a systemic overhaul. I will publish a paper on the subject soon. 

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