Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Fast Moving Counterfeit Goods From China Found in India

For a long time FMCG was the abbreviation for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, also in India. But you might take the C to mean counterfeit, because an increasing amount of counterfeit healthcare, skin cremes, shampoos, toothpaste and cigarettes of famous Indian companies such as ITC (India's second biggest FMCG) and Dabur (India's fourth biggest FMCG) and are sold in India and some African countries. India's motto "Truth Alone Triumphs" hopefully provides solace.

Read The Economic Times article about fake Indian products made in China here.

There is something fundamentally wrong
when the label Made in India is
Made in China.


AsianIP said...

Thanks for the post, but the link appears to be wrong, it points at ITC instead of the article of the Indian Economic Times.

IP Dragon said...

Thanks AsiaIP, I have changed it.