Friday, August 04, 2006

China In A Hurry To Get Chinese Technology Standards

In March Oong Boon Kiat wrote that China is pushing for its own RFID standard in order to get its own intellectual property rights, see here. The Chinese RFID standard was expected to be ready in 2008. Now Mike Clendenin wrote for Electronic Engineering Times that China's standard might be implemented in 2007. China seems in a hurry.

Read Clendenin's article here.

Mure Dickie wrote for the Financial Times an article called 'US official takes aim at US standards' see here (paid registration). One criticaster of China's standards is Franklin Lavin, undersecretary for international trade at the US Department of Commerce.

I have not read the full FT article but maybe he said something such as: Let the market decide which technology standard should prevail. It's not healthy for innovation when a governement is supporting it's own proprietary standard.
Many proprietary standards could hamper innovation, because other technology wants to be build on it. It is unpractible for this dependent technolgy to be compatible to all different standards. Look at the PC industry. When Microsoft established a standard for operating systems (near monopoly), the innovation for software applications took off. Then again, the innovation of operation systems was not very much stimulated for a long time.

If you have read it, correct me if I am wrong.

Read more about quoting Lavin on intellectual property protection in China here.

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